Both highly experienced in various areas in the world of cinema, Mohamed Ayada and Pepijn Van Looy, agreeing the sum was greater than the parts, went ahead and founded Tanker.
For over a decade, Tanker has been dealing with set design, art direction, and production for creative projects the world over, always true to its core values: impeccable taste, a strong work ethic and a clear sense of getting things done in time.

The Tanker-team, which operates from a workshop in the heart of Europe, offers prêt-a-porter solutions with a tailored edge, dresses or styles existing locations or will create whole universes from scratch.
Whatever the project may be - a small art house film, a ritzy car commercial, a music video or flagship store opening - clients big and small, from directors to luxury brands, count on Tanker, with its team of experts and a wide network of freelancers, to create the exact right setting, to build a world that dreams are made of.